WWPack32 exe compressor

What is WWPACK?

WWPACK is a powerful executable file compressor. This program compresses most DOS executeable files. Compressed files run EXACTLY as before but they're much smaller!

Files compressed with WWPACK will run on IBM or compatible based systems like XT, AT, 386, 486, Pentiums, ... ; also laptops and palmtops! DOS 2.0 or higer is required!

Main features

  • compressing overlaied files
  • antivirus shield (kills almost any virus that has infeceted compressed file)
  • paths and wildcards
  • packing files from the list file
  • WWPACK Shell - makes WWPACK the easiest to use
  • additional external utils (like EXEINFO) available
  • easy to use configuration menu
  • CRC technology (motto: "Be sure that the file is not damaged")
  • additional Pascal code for programmers
  • very high compression ratio
    and more...

    WWPACK Shell

    is a very small program making WWPACK very easy to use. With a few keys and a clear colorful screen you are able to pack and unpack compressed files without having to know any parameters.


    kills almost any (even unknown) virus that has infected previously compressed EXE file.


    shows information on DOS EXE headers.

    Turbo Pascal Support package

    is a set of Pascal procedures:
  • function that can check if an EXE file is compressed with WWPACK 3.05 or earlier
  • source file of the CRC.EXE program from WWPACK package.
  • WWPACK CRC unit. Checks CRC of the WWPACKed EXE files
  • WWPACK UD unit. Lets you unpack WWPACKed data files and use compressed data files
  • self-checking of WWPACKed EXE files (code by Thomas Monkemeier)
    and also demo programs!

    How powerful WWPACK is?

    This table will tell you why WWPACK is known as the most powerful EXE compressor!

    original size86842212393383874

    WWPACK distributors list:


            Damir Bukarica, dabukar@public.srce.hr
            SKY BBS, 21PM-6AM, +385 01 337697, 8N1, V34


            Herve Thouzard, hervet@mygale.org
            WWW access: http://www.mygale.org/07/hervet/index.shtml


            VGA Software Gmbh, support@vgasoft.de
            WWW access: http://www.vgasoft.de/produkte/wwpack.html
            VGA-Copy BBS, +49 0441 97362 89, 8N1, V34 and ISDN

        Hong Kong:

            Johnson Lam, jlam@glink.net.hk
            AUDIO GANG BBS, (852) 2379 9020, 8N1, V34+


            George Jereza, george@jereza.net
            The Clipboard BBS, (415) 293 0454, 8N1, V34

    Download shareware WWPACK now!

    Choose adequate ftp site to get the fastest connection and quickly download WWPACK 3.05 beta5:
  • Poland (HTTP)
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