WWPack32: exe/dll compression idea

Typical Windows EXE/DLL file contains of the following parts:
  • DOS EXE header
  • Win32 Portable Executable header
  • Code section(s)
  • Data section(s)
  • Resources section
  • Import/Export Table sections
  • Relocation Table section
Sections making EXEs so big are Code, Data, Resources and Relocation Table...

And here the WWPack32 idea comes: if you compress the biggest sections, and add at the end of the file a small decompression routine, the file will be much smaller running exactly as the original one!

Have a look at the following:

file before compression
MZ PE Code Data Resources I/E Reloc

file after compression
MZ PE Code Data Resources I/E WWP+Reloc

The biggest sections have been squeezed thus makes compressed file much smaller :)
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