WWPack32 latest news

version 1.20 - 19 jul 2000 - registered version released via the WWPack32 distribution list. No new features, only a few bug fix in the WWPack32 kernel; some changes in the code were made by Rafal so this version if compatible with some more files. As for my email address, please use the old one: awarezak@krysia.uni.lodz.pl

november 99 - version 1.20 beta2 has just been released: click here and download it now!
I also have a new e-mail address: pwarezak@webmedia.pl

We have a new registration site! Click here to check this out!

version 1.20 beta1 released on the 28th september - for registered users only!

version 1.12 released on the 4th december!

1.12 beta - 12 october - bugfix release:
  • improved Windows NT dll compatibility
  • fixed minor bug in the relocation table compressor
Free upgrades for all registered users goes via WWPack32 distribution list!

Distribution list for registered users: the only way to get the latest WWPack32 version

Support pages: tips available for registered users

New WWPack32 homepage is: http://www.webmedia.pl/wwpack32. The old address is not available anymore!
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