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advanced EXE/DLL compressor for Windows by Piotr Warężak and Rafał Wierzbicki

WWPack32 1.20 final release! (15.12.2001)

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What is WWPack32?

It is an advanced Win32 executable file compressor. WWPack32 makes Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 exe and dll files smaller and protects programs from cracking. Compressed files run exactly as before!

What for?

WWPack32 will save you disk space and it will also protect your programs from cracking.
WWPack32 will reduce traffic over local computer networks (compressed files run faster on the net)!

Main features

- the tightest compression ratio available: algorithms are based on the well known WWPACK for DOS, the winner of many executable compressors' comparisions,
- easy to use menu and quick menu,
- automatic file structure analyzer which searches for Windows executable files,
- EXEINFO-like tool which is capable of predicting compression ratios,
- full long filenames support,
- 32bit decompression routine written in pure assembler which results in very high decompression speed and incredibly small size,
- built in program code and relocation table compressor,
- full Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000 compatibility,
- easy installation and configuration,
- optional compression levels,
- compatibility with any File Allocation Table.


To run WWPack32, you need Windows 95/98 or Windows NT/2000 and 16MB of RAM memory (32MB or more recommended). A 486 system should be OK, but you need a faster machine to compress big files (Pentium 200MHz recommended).

Why register?

Registered version features:
- DLL compression,
- full version EXEINFO-like tool which is capable of predicting compression ratios,
- file signature option,
- printed user's license available on request,
- free 1.xx upgrades via e-mail, distribution list subscription,
- "WWPack32 web support pages" access (http://abc.def.ghi/jkl),
- no shareware nag screen.

Now you can register the program online in less than five minutes! Click here for online registration site!
Here are the sample Win32 PE files' compression results:

file original size version 1.20
compressed size
acrord32.exe 2.318.848 1.080.832
explorer.exe 223.744 111.104
far.exe 418.336 216.064
netscape.exe 5.564.080 3.031.040
psp.exe 3.612.672 1.408.512
winamp.exe 856.064 312.320
winrar.exe 568.352 278.582
total size: 13.562.096 6.438.454

Files WWPack32 has been tested with:
acrord32.exe - Acrobat Reader 3.00
explorer.exe - Win95 OSR2 Explorator
far.exe - FAR 1.63
netscape.exe - Netscape 4.72
psp.exe - Paint Shop Pro 5.00
winamp.exe - WinAMP 2.62
winrar.exe - WinRar 2.70
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(c) 1998-2001 by Piotr Warężak & Rafał Wierzbicki
Last Update: 27.11.2001