My name is Piotr Warezak, I'm 23 years old computer science student at University of Lodz, Department of Mathematics.

Here is the list of the most important shareware projects by me:
WWPack32 - number one in Win32 EXE/DLL compression! Windows 98 compatible!
WWPACK - world's best DOS EXE compressor!
SECURE - top low level project, not available on the internet
SetupShield - does almost the same job as InstallShield, but faster and easier (see WWPack32 or SACVIEW 98)
SACVIEW - SACVIEW for DOS and Windows 95/98/NT
FRIENDS - FRIENDS for DOS available in ten national versions
Relocations handler - available with Pascal and assembler sources

Last weeks I'm developing some commercial Windows data base systems. Sorry, but I have no time to update all my web pages. Luckily I found a few hours to change design. Green color is the one I like the most :) But if you're watching my pages in less than 32000 colors, disconnect now, or stop thinking this page is ugly :)

By the way, my homepage was not available in august. Sorry for this, I hope you will not get "404 error meassage" when connecting my pages anymore!

If you have any questions, do not hestitate to contact me:
+ 48 502 284 723

Sometimes you can also meet me at "Siodemki" - the best pub in Lodz. If you live here you know what I'm talking about :)

ATARI 800XL >>> Big ATARI 8bit Home Page.
(c) 1998 by Piotr Warezak
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