Have you ever been looking through the SAC FTP archives?
Let these tools help yourself!
SACVIEW 1.41 for DOS is a very small program that will help you look through SAC software collection. Main features:
built in quick SACFTP.INX file viewer with Norton like text user interface;
SACFTP.NEW file creator: see what's new on SAC with one mouse click;
filelists creator;
UNIX autodownloading scripts creator.
SACVIEW 99 for Windows 95/98/NT features: all of the DOS version plus
a colorfull screen;
FTP client: download files with one click from any SAC mirror!
background FTP mode - SACVIEW 99 is a real multithread driven program
Click here to see SACVIEW 99 screenshoot.
You neeed SACFTP.INX file to run SACVIEW!
(c) 1998, 99 by Piotr Warezak, awarezak@krysia.uni.lodz.pl
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